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Hello All - Thanks for the Q & A section. I have a basic doubt on FII and DII activity. If you watch daily activity of FII and DII always they was in opposite direction. If FII's sell DII's buy and viceversa. If FII's are buying market is going up and if they are selling market is falling. None of the fundamentals and technicals working here.

So better to follow FII movements and act. How to find what they bought and what they sold? And how to find in depth details of FII activity? is there any way we can find details on BSE or NSE sites?

As thumb rule fii are short term players playing mainly in derivatives and dii are long term player in cash.
This kind of activity which you mentioned is classic in manipulated markets world over much like operators do circular trading in small stocks to keep stock prices up.
So when fii selling cash they are doing mainly to book shorts created in derivative trades or to create fresh longs in derivative as both dont want market to go down substantially other party supports the market at particular level.
For Daily Data on both FII AND DII CASH AND FNO activity u can visit and check under heading of equity- market today also fno- market today.
You can also get same data on sebi web site with one day delay at following link
There are many websites and books available for it.Like




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